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Professional stain removal begins with a thorough analysis of the stain and the fabric. Our trained technicians carefully examine the affected area, identifying the nature of the stain and any potential challenges it may pose.

A Tailored Approach

When we identify a stain, our professionals take a tailored approach to removing it. Our advanced cleaning solutions and cutting-edge equipment are used to effectively extract stains from your rugs.

Water Based Stains

We use specialized spotting agents for water-based stains such as wine spills or coffee marks, which break down the stain molecules and make them easier to remove. As soon as these agents are applied to the stain, they are gently agitated in order to make sure they penetrate as deeply as possible.

Oil Based Stains

During the cleaning process, our professionals apply powerful degreasers to dissolve oily stains like grease and food spills, which are then lifted away by powerful vacuums. To ensure thorough removal, these degreasers are applied sparingly to the affected area and worked into the fibers.

Embedded Stains

If stains have set into the fabric over time, our technicians may opt for a deep cleaning. Water and cleaning solution are thoroughly flushed into the affected area using state-of-the-art extraction equipment, effectively removing embedded dirt and stains.

Stubborn Stains

We don’t stop there when it comes to stain removal. Steam cleaning may be used for particularly stubborn or stubborn stains. You can clean your rugs with steam by both penetrating deep into their fibers and sanitizing them.

Every stain is unique, so we take a personalized approach to stain removal at PSR Carpet Cleaning Fort Lauderdale. In addition to removing the stain, we also protect your rugs’ integrity during cleaning.

With our professional stain removal techniques, you can bid farewell to stubborn stains and hello to beautifully clean area rugs. Get in touch with us today to schedule your appointment and see the difference for yourself. Your rugs deserve the best!

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