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Professional CARPET Steam CLEANing IN Kendall

Having a clean carpet, or clean carpeting, has numerous health advantages!  You may not see them, but a dirty carpet is filled with dust mites and other bacteria and unknown gremlins, none of which are good for your health.   In the same way you clean your house to get rid of unwanted dirt, you should clean your carpet too.


So how do you clean your carpet?  You should get a professional carpet cleaner to come in, every once in a while.  You can choose how often you need to have your carpets cleaned – it may be every four months, every year, more or less, depending on your living environment.  If you have dogs and cats or lots of kids or teens who are constantly coming in and out, then you probably need to have your carpet cleaned fairly regularly.


How do you then choose a carpet cleaning company?  Like anything, go with word of mouth recommendations.  If your neighbors have a carpet cleaning company that they swear by, then use them.


But you should ask the following questions:

 What method do you use to clean carpets?Do you use steam cleaning?

Can you give me references?

How long will it take to dry?

Do you move the furniture for me, and put it back in place?

What are the costs?

What can I expect with clean carpets?

When you clean your own carpets, you remove the surface dust.  This is a good thing but it is not enough on a long term basis.  A professional cleaning company will remove the dirt that has become ingrained, the dirt and bacteria that is ‘stuck.’  This is why deep steam cleaning is so important.  It can reach everywhere and get rid of everything but without damaging the carpet in any way.

You may ask if there are real health issues in having a dirty carpet.  Honestly, yes.  Studies have been done to show how people really do develop health problems that can be related to all the pollutants that are trapped in their carpets.   Some of these can be lead, dust, dirt, cockroach allergens, particle pollution and pet dander.  These things get embedded in a carpet, or a rug, and don’t come out unless the right machinery is at hand.

PSR Cleaning in Kendall, Miami, are a carpet cleaning company who will come and assess your carpets and then clean then, perfect well!  They will get rid of all those things that could be making you sneeze, giving you headaches, increasing your allergies or worse, making you really ill.   They will remove any old that may have attached itself to your carpet – and please remember – you may not be able to see the mold, or the dirt or the dust.  Although, once your carpet has been cleaned, you will certainly be able to see the difference.

A dirty carpet looks tired and worn.  It looks older than it is.  A carpet that is well maintained and cleaned can look new or almost-new, as long as the job is done professionally.  Take care of your carpets, no matter what kind of carpet you have.  Your health will improve and so will the entire style and elegance of your home.

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