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“Our experience was awesome! Mikel, was very polite, courteous, prompt and personable. You have a star person working for you. You can tell he enjoys what he does. Great customer service! We will be back.”

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Carpet Cleaning Miami Beach.

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If you are in Miami Beach and looking for a good and professional carpet cleaner, then you need to do a little research.  You can chat to your friends or colleagues and ask them which carpet cleaners they use, and if they are happy.  You can contact various carpet cleaning companies and ask to see their customer reviews.  And as well as those two things, you can ask a few more questions.

  • What products do you use to clean carpets?
  • Are your products safe?
  • Does your carpet cleaning process comply with the environmentally friendly standards.
  • Which carpet cleaning process do you use and is it deep steaming?
  • How long will it take for my carpet to dry
  • How long will the whole process take
  • Can you get rid of the smells?

In Miami  Beach, carpets are often subject to a fair amount of traffic.  People spend a lot of time outdoors and are constantly traipsing dust and dirt inside, and on to the carpets.  There can be humidity and there can also be a lot of water.  All of these things can damage carpets.  The damage may not be visible immediately but everyone should look after their carpets.  This means having a good carpet cleaner come in, every once in a while.


So what will a good carpet cleaner do?  First of all, they will assess your carpet.  They will look to see if it is made of wool, nylon, cotton or, in the case of an oriental carpet, if it is made of silk.  They will then advice you of the most appropriate way to clean your carpet.  A good carpet clean should include a wet and a dry extraction and a deep steam cleaning.  Products should be gentle and the entire process should be gentle to ensure that there is no damage to the carpet.

The carpet cleaning technicians should also be well trained in all aspects of the carpet cleaning process.  They should move the furniture gently, ensuring not to damage anything in the process, and they should put the furniture back where it belongs, perfect well.  They should clean efficiently and professionally, and leave your carpets looking fresh, smelling fresh and looking like new.

If you want to get the best out of your carpet, no matter what kind of carpet it is, you do need to look after it.  Any carpet should be able to handle traffic.  You cannot stop kids or dogs from walking all over the carpet, and you don’t want to stop them either.   A home is to be lived in.  Vacuum your carpet every few days and if you have light spills or stains, use a gentle carpet cleaner to get rid of them.  But every few months, depending on where the carpet is and how much traffic it gets, use the services of a professional carpet cleaner.

PSR Carpet Cleaning is the best company to use in Miami Beach area.  Our workers and staff are excellent and they have many good reviews and references.  They work to deadline and are professional and efficient.  Staff are friendly, will ensure that they leave everything in the same position as they found it, and will treat your possessions as if it was their own.

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“PSR was such a blessing! I called late one evening and they were out to clean my carpets by the very next morning! Amazing service and my carpets look like new. I have a new puppy and I thought they were on the way to being too far gone. They worked a miracle for me!”.

Rayne Mason

“This was my first time trying out the company and the service was awesome. They were super professional and the person Steve who did my apartment was super fast and very helpful when it came to understanding what type of carpet cleaning I needed”

Barbara stanely

“Great service! In fact the best cleaning we have had. We have two dogs, I was worried about the pet odor, I cannot smell it after the cleaning. Highly recommend!”

Fred Ratner

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